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Our exclusive line of spherical and amorphous powders that add tactile interest, visual activity and formulation flexibility.


Moisturizing, bio-compatible gels of hydrated glycerin that unite the best sensory characteristics with simple handling and formulation.

Powder Dispersions

Dynamic aqueous dispersions of our Patented crosspolymer powder that offer instant line reduction with unique tactile properties.

Emollient Silicone Gels

High performance, multi-functional cosmetic silicone gels that delivers the ideal combination of texture, touch and performance for your application.

Silicone Gel Emulsifiers

Simplicity at its finest! Pre-engineered, self-emulsifying silicone gel complexes that create elegant emulsion products with the added benefits of room temperature processing and superb texture.

Si Waxes

A Complex polymer chain network that delivers a durable yet flexible film of polyethylene that extends playtime and sensory moisturization.


Created using only natural and naturally-derived ingredients, these products allows the formulators to attain new textures and formulation benefits without compromising natures appeal.


From longer lasting lipsticks to next generation haircare products these unique ingredients enhance the performance of color cosmetics and skin care applications.


Documented, high purity ingredients with proven results.


True to our original mandate of quality and innovation these products enhance a diverse range of personal care and cosmetic products.

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