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True to our original mandate of quality and innovation these products enhance a diverse range of personal care and cosmetic products.


Safe, all natural, paraben-free preservative system made from a blend of oils and extracts that is effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens.

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Kodasil X-515

Super-high viscosity with low viscosity silicone blend that forms an extremely viscous liquid that is water resistant, yet forms a breathable, non-occlusive protective barrier, specifically designed to provide personal care/hair care application with a silky smooth texture.

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Neopol 881

Pure polymer that works to increase gloss, moisturization, structure and payout, for a soft feel in lipcolor applications.

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Liquid polymer of hydrogenated ethylene, propylene and styrene in a non-volatile emollient base that is an excellent binder with superior wash-off resistance.

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