About, KODA Corporation


General Description & Mandate

Originally founded in 1995 as a consulting firm, Koda Corporation has quickly become a premier supplier of innovative raw materials and efficacious active ingredients with a competitive focus on state of the art technology.

Our experience, knowledge and structure enables us to quickly react to changing industry forces, the customer's needs and new market opportunities.

We have succeeded in solving the problems and overcoming the challenges of integrating new technology within the client's existing product platforms as well as supplying new, innovative raw materials to meet the infinite demands and expectations of the marketplace.

KODA Mission Statement

We have a keen understanding of today's personal care marketplace.

  • Our goal is provide superior customer and technical service, while producing quality, customized products based on the clients' specific application.

It is our solutions that set us apart from our competitors.

  • We will make every effort to meet demand by tailoring products according to the client's existing product line.

Encouraging growth while respecting our social and physical environment

  • Koda Corporation is committed to exploring new concepts and applications through socially responsible and sustainable means.

KODA Quality Statement

It is our mission to meet or exceed our clients' expectations, while ensuring that all products, services and technical support provided are of the highest level of quality attainable and shall provide for the customer a reliable technical advantage.

  • To manufacture and deliver on time, a product of consistently high quality that will perform as expected.
  • To maintain service quality in an economical and prompt manner.
  • To promote a quality assurance program with each employee in all areas of production and customer service for continual improvements.

KODA Environmental Statement

Koda Corporation is committed to minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment, while encouraging sustainable development, by monitoring and making continual improvements to its operation and production procedures, that includes waste management and health and safety.

Koda will never knowingly engage or condone any activity, which endangers the air, water, soil or natural resources of the United States of America or any country in which our products are sold or consumed. In the same manner, Koda will never knowingly provide products, which when used in the manner intended, would directly or indirectly cause harmful effects to human health or well being.

KODA REACh Statement

Koda Corporation aims to protect human health and the environment by adhering to existing industry standards, while supporting a more effective chemicals regulatory system in order to deliver sustainable health and environmental safety benefits.

Koda Corporation has pre-registered all current products under REACh and is working with our vendors to ensure compliance and responsible handling of all of our materials according to their specific intended use. Once the initial pre-registration period ends, we will implement full registration according to the REACh timeline.

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